As in many areas of business, buying in bulk saves you money on printing. But what if you only need postcards for a select group of members, or buck slips to for a limited-time promotion? How can you take advantage of the lower cost of larger quantities?

We can help you plan ahead. Printing a larger quantity of postcards or buck slips — even if there are smaller lots within — will save you money over printing several smaller runs. Talk to us about how we can create multiple promotions that share production specifications. For example, we can create a series of four loan promotions — maybe spring auto, summer toys, autumn home equity, winter holiday. These pieces can direct members to your website for current rates to give your promotions a longer shelf-life.

Likewise, we can print larger runs of your letterhead, envelopes, disclosures and forms — and warehouse them at our facility for release over time, so you can take advantage of lower per-unit costs.

We know you are working to convert your paper documents to digital, and we are here to help minimize your costs as you make the transition. Email sales@thedesigndsk.com to see how much you can save with a larger run of your next printed piece.