The Designer’s Desk Story

In the midst of our nation’s economic crisis, marketers and printers that underestimated the impact of the internet lost customers, income and jobs. Many went out of business.

John Langlois and Dave Camel had opened a marketing and print partnership in 1995. As family men and small-business owners, they faced the widespread economic challenges of 2008 and made a commitment to downsize, reinvest, and survive the recession. As financial marketers, they trusted the credit union philosophy of “people helping people,” so the Designer’s Desk, inc.:

  • built a small agile suite of digital creative and inventory solutions
  • adapted marketing content to new channels, and
  • focused on competitive pricing for outstanding service.

With over 25 years in credit union marketing, the Designer’s Desk now offers a smooth, affordable transition between yesterday’s printed forms, documents and marketing to tomorrow’s workflow, technology and digital assets.

Our Mission

To help you transition your printed past to your digital future, allowing your budget to be used for the more valuable enterprise of connecting with your credit union members.

Leadership Team:

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