Implement these tips in 10 minutes or less. Long-term strategies are essential for meeting your objectives. But sometimes, you have a short break between meetings, or just need a palate-cleanser between immersive projects. Here are a few quick, effective tasks that will reap benefits well beyond your time investment.

1) Look around. Pick a competitor and visit their website and/or social media sites. What are they doing well? What plans are they sharing with their followers? What inspiration can you take away?

2) Listen to a new voice. You probably already follow the blogs or podcasts of half a dozen marketing gurus, but do you follow thought-leaders outside your industry? The birth of your next great idea could be an “aha” connection between seemingly unrelated concepts. Choose a field you’re passionate about – outside of marketing – so you’ll actually enjoy the content.

3) Tell a new tale. Improve the “About” section on your social media. A recent survey of business profiles discovered that many were lifted almost verbatim from the company’s website. Set aside a few minutes to craft a short, friendly intro – the kind you’d use to explain your business to your favorite cousin.

4) Get colorful. That project you’re just about to approve? Take one last look, and jazz up the language with a thesaurus, or find a more compelling image/video to illustrate your message. Or (literally) add emphasis to the most important point with colored text or a callout box.

5) Complain. Really! We would love to hear about the most challenging project on your “to-do” list right now. Or the time or budget constraints that are keeping you from achieving one of your numerous goals. Or the program that has fallen short of your expectations. Give us a chance to fix something for you.

We are always here to help you help your members – and contacting us will probably take you even LESS than 10 minutes!