Community events and shows offer one-on-one opportunities to share your enthusiasm with an audience you may not be reaching in your day-to-day operations. Of course you’re bringing your “A” game, your well-rehearsed pitch and your best personality to the day. Here are a few additional tips we’ve gleaned from our most successful clients.

1) Create Excitement with a Raffle – Whether the prize is cash, a community-sourced gift basket, or the latest electronic device, people love to WIN! We have suggestions to fit any budget. Be sure to post the time you will draw the winning prize entry – maybe post a countdown to the drawing time to build anticipation. Triple your buzz by awarding a grand prize plus two smaller prizes — because three happy attendees talking about you is even better than one! Our raffle boxes allow you to display the prize(s), post the rules and collect entries.

2) Also, Give Away Something Better than Pens – One of our clients attending a Las Vegas event recently gave away “hangover kits”. Another participating in a charity race gave away foldable carabiner water bottles. A third gave away luggage tags at a retiree dinner. Consider wearable, useful and/or interactive items that get people talking about your message. Include more than your logo, phone and website on the item — tie it into the theme of your event whenever possible. We would love to help you brainstorm a creative idea — the possibilities are endless, and we have literally thousands of options for you on our website (just click on the blue “Promo Items” button).

3) Add Dimension to Your Table – We’ve all walked past the event table where there are just five lonely brochures laid out next to a stack of business cards. Draw attendee attention to multiple interaction opportunities at your table, beginning with a durable, logo-imprinted tablecloth in your favorite corporate color. Then set up our bright, attractive easel-back signs branded with your main advertising message, giveaways, raffle items, and Q&A or demo session schedule.

4) Add Square Footage to your Display Area – Posting banners both behind and in front of your table creates a larger and more professional presence. Our reusable lightweight banner stands and aluminum sidewalk signs pop up in seconds; and unlike retractible banners, you can switch out the message whenever you like! They can literally frame your space and help attendees interact with and navigate through your information. Welcome your guests, feature your best rates, feature your latest special, promote your convenience services, announce your next event or new location, and more!

aluminum A-frame double sided sidewalk sign showing credit union loan promotion posterMaking a memorable impression on attendees helps you stand out from the dozens of other vendors and displays they see.  When is your next event? LET US HELP YOU liven things up!


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