Combining print and digital assets for your next marketing campaign reaches all of your members in their comfort zone, while reinforcing the message in background channels.

Digitally savvy members and are more likely to view your email, e-statements and social media marketing. These channels offer advantages in immediate content and low cost. Traditional transaction members are more likely to stop into your branch, see your lobby materials and open their mailed statements. These channels offer a memorable, tactile experience plus more time for members to absorb the details of your promotion.

Amplify your advertising by designing e-graphics with a call-to-action for more information (in print), and designing printed items with a reminder to sign up for email communications and social media. Try a countdown to your next event on social media, then provide take-away buck slips and brochures at the event — which feature your social icons/QR codes for online platforms.

Our most successful clients are leveraging the benefits of lobby displays, handouts, direct mail, email, mobile AND social media. We’d love to help you do the same – contact us for a blended approach to your next promotion!