The philosophy of going the extra mile — serving members above and beyond their expectations — is a natural fit for credit unions based in a tradition of “people helping people.” Putting the philosophy into practice can be more challenging, though, in an environment when day-to-day operations and compliance demand most of your time.

Here are some quick ideas we’ve recently seen and used with our clients:

Personalization – Thanks to industry giants like Amazon and Google, consumers have come to expect that their experience will be tailored to fit them. The first step in personalization is gathering data about member preferences, so the sooner you start, the more options you will have in the future. But even small gestures can make a big difference. Whether you address them by first name in your emails (at no extra cost!), add product-specific invitations to your direct mail, or add program-specific landing pages to your website — you are letting members know that you KNOW who they are and CARE about their individual needs.

Thank you cards – This “old-school” communication format is making a giant comeback. As email inboxes become increasingly crowded and people opt-out of digital advertising, our clients are finding that a simple, handwritten note of appreciation conveys personal warmth and contributes to the culture of trust we all want to build in our financial institutions. We offer a variey of sizes and would love to send you some branded low-cost options.

Small gifts – The once-ubiquitous toaster giveaway has been updated, but gift-giving never goes out of style. Today’s giveaway items must be unique, high-quality, relevant to your promotion, and above all — useful. A few examples this spring:  sunglasses for youth member birthdays, kitchen tools for mortgage borrowers, hand sanitizer for financial health seminar attendees. Our searchable promo site includes thousands of ideas for every budget, and we are happy to share examples of past promotions that have gotten great results.

No matter how you want to enhance your current marketing, we are ready to help with great ideas and affordable pricing. Let’s talk about your next promotion and how we can give it an extra boost with something a little unexpected!