Coming up on mid-year, we took a look at our own marketing strategy and discovered a few holes. Here’s what we’re doing to patch them:

1) Contacts – The credit union industry is dynamic; our contacts change all the time! We’re recommitting to keeping up with your moves, touching base in a more personalized way, and creating a new opt-in campaign to re-engage our prospects.

2) Content – Some of us grew up in the 1980s, which was a slightly more formal business era. Moving forward, we’ll be making our messaging friendlier, more accessible — starting with more inviting email subject lines and rolling into our new website launch later this year. In addition, we’re moving our email/social media postings to the front end of the week for more relevance to our business clients.

3) Contests – Our web graphic giveaway timeline was TOO long. So once we announce our June 30 WINNER, upcoming contests will be more frequent and shorter!

Now it’s your turn. What can we help YOU do better? EMAIL US and let’s do great work together for the rest of 2017!