Creating new member relationships is a primary goal for many credit unions. After all, each new member represents an opportunity for growth and contributes to the stability of the credit union as a whole. But how do you then move member relationships from merely existing to engaged?

In short, loyalty is earned. Devoting resources to current relationships leads to more accounts, more loans, and more educated members. Here are five ways our credit union clients nurture member relationships:

  1. Incentivize email gathering – email is a gateway into your member’s private space; offer something in exchange – a budget guide, special rate or contest entry.
  2. Promote your social media presence – creating and sharing consumer-friendly content helps members get to know your organization and feel welcome.
  3. Record important info in your member database – knowing who your members are, including their basic demographics, special events, interests and concerns, helps you communicate more effectively.
  4. Develop an onboarding plan – a series of regular email, postcards or direct mail ensures that each new member receives all relevant information of how you can help them succeed financially.
  5. Host an event – an invitation to a member appreciation day, holiday celebration, charity drive or lunch-and-learn lets members know you value them for more than their transactions.

These proven techniques help build long-lasting relationships. We can help you put them into action – contact us today!