If you’re supplying us with final press-ready files for your print project, here are FIVE tips to make sure you get exactly what you designed, at the best possible price. We review every file you send us before it goes to press, so fixing these issues before you send us files minimizes the time we spend prepping your job for press.

  1. Check and recheck – Proofread, proofread and then have someone else proofread again. Nothing drives up your costs faster than reprinting the entire job.
  2. Show off your best – Do not pull images or logos from the internet. Screen resolution on the internet is generally 72-96 dots per inch (dpi). Professionally printed projects are produced at 600-2400 dpi. So images from the internet are at least 6 times as blurry or bitmapped as a high resolution or vector file, and they will detract from your great message and design.
  3. Correct the colors – Make sure all images and colors used in your files have been converted to CMYK — never use RGB settings. Digital presses are forgiving, but there are occasional errors that result in unexpected colors. Play it safe and make sure everything is CMYK.
  4. Go the extra 1/8 inch – If you want images or color to print to the edge of your page, make sure to add 1/8″ beyond the edge of your document — this is called “bleed”. Digital presses are highly accurate, but there is always some paper shift during a print run, and bleed eliminates unwanted white stripes at the edge of your design.
  5. Send us EVERYTHING – Even if you supply press-ready, high-resolution PDFs, please also supply us with the original file you designed, including all of its supporting images and fonts. If we discover errors in prepping the files for press, we can address them immediately.

If you have questions about any of these tips or how to best provide your files for production, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want you to be happy with your printed piece, your delivery date AND your budget!