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Direct mail letters help maximize your connection with members and prospects. Here’s how:

  • Crowded email inboxes have made direct mail more effective than ever.
  • Letters offer more privacy than other types of direct mail.
  • Recipients must physically engage (open the envelope) in order to access the content.
  • Flexible options for inserts, envelopes, and delivery let you customize every aspect of your message.
  • Personalized letters speak to recipients directly, resulting in response rates up to 10%, according to experts.

Best Uses for Direct Mail Letters

  • Product introductions that benefit from longer form personalized storytelling
  • Programs that invite a response, such as skip-a-pay, or those that need disclosures impractical for a postcard
  • Required mailings regarding privacy or operational updates
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3 Tips for Effective Direct Mail Marketing

  • Incorporate creative teaser copy on the envelope to spark curiosity.

  • Build trust with authentic member stories and testimonials.

  • Use descriptive language. As the adage goes, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”