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One way mailers offer a great hybrid of the benefits of postcards and letters. Here’s why:

  • Crowded email inboxes have made direct mail more effective than ever.
  • A folded 2-panel layout offers more space (and privacy) than a postcard.
  • With no envelope or inserts, the cost is lower than a direct mail letter.

Best Uses for One Way Mailers

  • Loan sale promotions – plenty of room for required terms and disclosures
  • Savings promotions – inside panels can be used to personalize and customize the offer
  • Programs requiring complex instructions or member-specific data
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3 Tips for Effective One-Way Mailers

  • Use all panels (even the mailing panel) to clearly convey your message.

  • Use the inside panels for sensitive or personalized information.

  • Include and highlight a clear, simple call-to-action.